Pocket Bible Reference 2



Jesus' Birth

--Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit and was a

 product of virgin birth. Mat 1:18-21 

--Jesus was conceived by the seed of David 

according to the flesh.  Rom 1:3   

--Heli was the paternal grandfather of Jesus Luke 3:23

--Jacob was the paternal grandfather of Jesus.

Mat 1:16, John 4:5.

Jesus on a Good Day

--love your enemies.  Mat 5:43-44.

--golden rule Mat 7:12 Luke 6:31

--Judge not. Mat 7:1

--Consider the lilies Luke 12:27, Mat 6:28

--be like children Mat 18:3.

--give anything asked of you by anyone. Luke 6:30

--turn other cheek Luke 6:29.

--not against me is with me Mark 9:40 Luke 9:50

Jesus on a Bad Day

--not with me is against me Mat 12:30, Luke 11:23

--accommodate the wicked and do not resist

 evil.  Mat 5:39-45.

--Kill disbeliveers (parable) Luke 19:27.

--wicked get eternal torture of Hell. Mark 9:43-48.

--Fruit tree hatred.  Mark 11:13-14,20.

contradicts Mat 21:19-20

--Jesus came to cause strife.  Luke 12:51-53,

 Mat 10:34.

-- Jesus says to hate/abandon your family

 Luke 14:26, Mat 10:35-36, Mat 19:29.

--Jesus threatens to kill children Rev 2:23

Seeing God/Jesus

--no one has seen God.   John 1:18.

--Jacob saw God's face.  Gen 32:30.

--Moses saw his backside.  Ex 33:23.

--God has dinner with Abraham.  Gen 18.

--Paul never met Jesus 2Cor 12, Gal 1:11-12

Hopeful Plagiarisms

--Jesus + Elijah do the same thing in  the same 

words. 1Kings 17, Luke 7.

--Luke + Elijah do the same thing in same

words. Ezek 1:1,4:9,4:14, Acts10:11-14

Miscellaneous Contradictions

--God will punish son for father's crimes Ex 20:5

--God won't punish son for father's crimes.

Ezek 18:20. 

--Jesus' last words all different.  Mat 27:46,

 Luke 23:46, John 19:30.

--Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James

go to tomb, find guards and boulder which move

after earthquake. One flying angel on bolder tells

what happened. Mat 28

--Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of  James,

and Salome go to tomb, find no guards or bolder

and one young man in tomb tell what happened.

But women  told no one.  Mark 16

--Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James, Joanna,

and some other women go to tomb, and two men

in the tomb tell what happened. Luke 24

--Mary goes to the tomb to find nothing, she

tells the disciples someone stole body so they go

back and again find nothing. The disciples then

 leave and Jesus appears to tell Mary what

happened.  John  20

----older versions of Mark end at Mark 16:8

without anyone seeing the risen Christ.

-- Earth will exist forever  Eccl 1:4.

--Earth will end in Armageddon  2Pet 3:10

--Judas fell and burst open. Act 1:18-19.

--Judas hung himself.  Mat 27-3:10.

--Jesus carries his own cross. John 19:17.

--Simon carries Jesus' cross. Mark 15:21-22.

--Wisdom is good Prov 3:13, 4:7

--Wisdom is bad 1Cor 1:19 Eccl 1:18

--God had one son 1John 4:9

--God had many sons Gen 6:2,4 Job 1:6, 2:1

Miscellaneous Contradictions Continued

--No author was at Jesus' trial yet narrative

fabricated to fit OT. Mark 14:50.

--Jesus crucified at 9:00am (3rd hour Rom) on

Passover.  Mark 15:1,25 14:1

--Jesus crucified noon (6th hour Rom) day before

Passover.  John 19:14.

--Virgin birth and the baptism.

God and Evil

--God admits He created evil.  Isaiah 45:7 Amos 3:6

--God sends Satan to ruin Job's life. Job 2:1-7.

--God hardens Pharaoh's heart.  Ex 9:12,

10:1,20,27, 11:10, 14:8.

--God commands/supports slavery.

Lev 25:44-46, Ex 21:2-8, Eph 6:5, Col 3:22.

--Anti women. 1Cor 14:34, 1Tim 2:9-14, Gen 5:16.

--rape rules: Deut 22:23-29, in city man+woman die;

in country only man dies; if woman not married

then man pays 50 shekels, and they wed.

--Anti Jew. 1Thes 2:14,15, Titus 1:10

--God favors neither good nor evil.  Mat 5:45.

--God created some people predestined to go to

 hell Rom 8:29-30, Jude 1:4, Mat 7:13-14.

--God admits to deceit.  1Kings 22:23. Is 6:10.

--Jesus admits to deceit (reason for parables).

 2Thess 2:11-12, Mark 4:10-12, Mat 13:10-11

--God sends bears to kill children. 2Kings 2:24.

--God commands the killing of babies Num 31:17,

Deut 20:13, Psalm 137:9, Lev 26:29, Num 31:17.

--Jesus threatens to kill children for mother's

crime Rev 2:23

--God/Jesus hate. Rom 9:13, Rev 2:6, Psalm 5:5

--don't associate with people who have different

opinions. 2John 1:10-11. 2Cor 6:14-17

--Incestuous Lot revered. 2Peter 2:7


(bribes and threats--heaven and hell)


The simple believes every word but the prudent

considers well his every step. Prov 14:15




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